My name is Veronica, and I am the founder of PINK & GRAY, an online retailer of cute, well made and customizable medical bags, sleeves, cases and tags.

I am a mother of three beautiful girls. Two of my daughters have medical conditions that require multiple emergency medications like epinephrine. And they must be within an arm’s reach at all times. Carrying these medications neatly in my diaper bag was hard enough. Then, once we outgrew our diaper bag, these injectors, bottles, inhalers and other containers always ended up dumped in my purse—not ideal, especially in an emergency.

I realized I needed a small, smartly designed bag to carry all of their meds. I also needed it to have compartments to keep everything secure and in its place should I need to find anything quickly.

Naturally, I wanted something that was also cute and fun. When they were big enough to self-carry, I wanted my girls to be thrilled, never embarrassed. I wanted them to be proud of their bag, and how they advocated for themselves and took control of their conditions. I wanted them to have fun showing it to their friends and talking about the lifesaving medications inside.

So many bags on the market did not fully meet our needs—whether it was their size, compartments or design. I had a hard time finding a bag that was perfect for my kids, with that just-right combination of function + adorable. And if I could let my girls express their personal style, too? Even better. This is how PINK & GRAY was born.

In some cultures, there is a saying when life is good. People say, "Life is pink!" Of course, into each pink life, a little rain must fall. For us, it’s those medical conditions nobody wants to have. So, PINK & GRAY represents the joy and the struggle.

My daughter Mia has a severe peanut allergy. And Emma was diagnosed with epilepsy at 22 months old. These two tiny joys are a beautiful combination of PINK & GRAY—with lots of pink! Their medical conditions do not define them. They are happy, fun, energetic little girls who love life and are unstoppable—all traits we built into each and every PINK & GRAY item.

We celebrate the unconditional love of parents with medically complex children. They advocate 24-7-365, and they do it with grace. We praise siblings, like our oldest daughter Sienna, who at a very young age learn to protect their brothers and sisters and become their sweetest, most loving advocates. We are so grateful for the dedicated doctors and nurses who take care of us and our loved ones. And we support the researchers who are working on cures. In fact, PINK & GRAY sends 5% of every purchase to Children’s Medical Center Dallas, where vital research is being done every day. We give back proudly, on your behalf.

VERONICA: Founder and CEO.

LARRY: Investor and CFO.

SIENNA, MIA, EMMA: Our three beautiful daughters, who have a strong opinion on how the perfect medical bags, sleeves, cases and tags should look and perform.

MANY OTHERS: We have a wonderful team of people who believe in our project and lend their special gifts. Some have volunteered their time and talent to make PINK & GRAY’s vision come to life, and for them we are forever thankful. We love our web designer, programmer, graphic designer, copywriter, engraver, embroiderer, and amazing manufacturers.